My first two weeks as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at CT Skills- Karis Green

8th– 12th July 2019-

I first saw the role for Digital Marketing Apprentice for CT Skills on Indeed. I took no hesitation in applying as the job description and role matched the exact career path that I wanted to delve into. Previously, I had graduated from a 2 year college course in Journalism and Media Communications, as well as being a junior social media admin for an independent business for a year. Within 24 hours, CT Skills had contacted me and offered an interview for the following day. Before I knew it, I had been accepted for the apprenticeship and was due to start a week on Monday!

Since applying for the role of Digital Marketing Apprentice to being here as an employee for over a week, the whole process has been a whirlwind. From the first day, I was supported by my new team and given excellent guidance to adjusting to the role.

In my first week, I have started gaining skills on developing the company’s website, interviewing learners and creating case studies, increasing my experience on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, following the templates for the new designs of skills flyers and updating the company’s social media accounts. I have also been on a visit with Rachel to Alan House to film the Nottinghamshire Police information day. It’s been a very educational and action packed week to say the least!

15th-19th July 2019-

Walking into my second week at CT Skills, I was raring to start the tasks handed to me. Monday was filled with varied tasks including graphic design, adding news to the company website, updating flyer graphics and meeting with my line manager.

Throughout the week I revisited Alan House to interview a successful learner who was on her second course with us. In the same week, I wrote up a detailed case study, as well as further editing a photo of said learner on Photoshop to spice up the case study visuals. On top of this, I shadowed the customer services department, typed up a brand survey summary and began a digital marketing promotion video project which will be entirely conducted, filmed and edited by yours truly.

So far, I’ve learnt that working at CT Skills means you’re never stuck doing the same task! One day you could be at the desk designing flyers, the next day you’re interviewing a successful learner at one of the branches!

I’m definitely feeling more comfortable at the office, and feel like part of the team already. Coming from a retail background, I found the thought of working with a well adjusted team in an office environment daunting, but I’ve never been so wrong! We’re definitely a well oiled machine. As Henry Ford once quoted, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Even though I’m fresh into the apprenticeship, my confidence has grown with every task I’m given. My drive to work independently and use my initiative has expanded, making me feel accomplished after every working day. Although a new starter, I am extremely excited about what the next 16 months will bring and how I’ll progress not only as a digital marketer, but as a person too.

If you’ve read my story so far and want to find out more about our apprenticeships, click the link.

See you in two weeks!