Case Study: CT Skills opened the door for my dream career

CT Skills offer excellent Functional Skills courses over a duration of 6 weeks. The course includes industry relevant qualifications and career guidance.

Marilena Cancu, 37, was previously working as a Nurse for 12 years in Romania. However, due to family commitments, her and her family had to relocate to the UK.

Once settled in Nottingham, she began volunteering at her child’s school on a daily basis and found the experience to be something she wanted to pursue as a career.  

Nonetheless, Marilena realised she needed both an English and maths qualification to be able to make the next steps into teaching. She was referred to CT Skills by a careers advisor, and from that point she began her English course with her tutor Lisa.

When asked about her experience at CT Skills, Marilena boasted:

“The course is amazing!”

“I’ve learnt a lot from my tutors; they’re so smart and have boosted my confidence.”

After completing her Level 2 English qualification, Marilena decided she wanted to partake in the maths course to achieve her Level 2 maths qualification.

Marilena’s maths tutor, Marie, has helped her progress in her steps towards gaining the maths qualification needed to begin a future in teaching.

Now into her second course with CT Skills, Marilena has been offered a job as midday supervisor at the school she was volunteering for. She’s excited about what the future holds, and so are we!

When asked about people who are considering joining a course at CT Skills, Marilena enthused:

“Come and get it!”

“I have met wonderful people on this course and the teachers are prepared to help you at all times.”

“If I had to sum up the course, I would say it’s fantastic!”

If you are inspired by this case study and are interested in joining a course at CT Skills, visit the website for information-