3aaa Part 2 – Doing the right thing?


Moving to an alternative apprenticeship provider isn’t something many people think about or even consider. However, what do you do when the provider you are using goes in to administration?   CT Skills CEO Alex Ford explains how you should protect yourself when trying to find a new training provider.

The initial dignified offers of support for 3aaa staff, learners and employers have died down and are now being displaced by some unscrupulous vultures looking to make money out of misery and misfortune. So how do you protect yourself when trying to find a new training provider?

1) Never use a broker. Ever. They have no interest in you or your needs, just your fee. Some brokers are offering £15k+ to buy 3aaa learner and employer data and induce staff to act illegally. Appalling conduct. And there isn’t a provider in the land that works ‘exclusively through agencies,’ despite what the agency may tell you.

2) Use public domain information to test the quality and credibility of the training provider you are looking to work with: Ofsted Grades, ESFA contract allocations, ESFA qualification achievement rates (QAR), FE choices learner and employer satisfaction scores, accounts on companies’ house, staff reviews on Glassdoor. All quickly found through Google.

3) Ask yourselves, will the ESFA really transfer my learners to this training provider? The ESFA have stated that Levy payers will have to follow their own procurement process. For apprentices who are not funded by the Levy, the ESFA will be using their data to allocate learners to providers who score highly on their quality matrix (Ofsted, QAR, financial health rating, audit reports, provision delivered in the locality).

4) Is the company credible? What is its reputation locally? Do I know anyone who works there? The 3aaa model was underpinned by classroom delivery. Does the provider have learning centres in the region that apprentices will be able to attend quickly and easily?

5) Will they put their money where their mouth is? Many 3aaa learners will be out of funding. This means the new training provider might have to pay up to £1000 for EPA costs and up to £700 for vendor certification costs (Microsoft, AAT, etc). Some providers are refusing transfers and will only take on a ‘new’ 3aaa learner which would set the apprentice back months. Don’t be afraid to protect your learner and ask if the new provider is prepared to pay these fees – it’s probably a good indicator of how much they’re prepared to invest in you.

6) Does it feel right? Trust your instincts. If it’s not right, look around. Plenty of offers of support on LinkedIn – but do your due diligence first.

Don’t be afraid to do your research. It will instantly remind you that there are many exceptional training providers out there who share your values and want to put the learner first.

And CT Skills are always here to help.

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