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The construction sector is in the midst of a skills shortage which is limiting construction activity and continually increasing labour costs at the same time. In recent months the skills shortage has hit its worst recorded level and is expected to deteriorate over the next few years, with the recruitment of new talent failing to keep up with the rate of those retiring.

It has been reported that the industry will need to find 157,000 new recruits by 2021 in order to keep up with the growing demand. One of the key ways in which the industry is attempting to tackle the skills shortage is by utilising government schemes and various funding allocations.

A Sector Based Work Academy is a government funded initiative enabling Midlands based training provider, CT Skills, to source, train and prepare local people for a career in the construction industry.

The initiative ensures new recruits are skilled in their field of work and are able to make an immediate impact within any construction business. All candidates receive the follow qualifications before meeting local employers at interview;

Level 1 Health and Safety in the Construction Environment

Level 1 Certificate in Construction


Employers with 3 or more vacancies have the opportunity to partner with a training provider and interview CSCS accredited candidates, entirely free of charge.

The Sector Based Work Academy process is an ideal solution for those with an immediate recruitment demand, with new recruits in post in as little as 4 weeks from initial enquiry.

Leading UK home builders, Keepmoat have worked with CT Skills to manage a shortage of Construction Workers at their East Midlands office.  Since working with the provider, Keepmoat have fulfilled their immediate recruitment demand with locally trained residents.

Jordan Grainger, Learning & Development Officer with Keepmoat commented;

“CT Skills have been very easy to work with, I have placed many of their construction learners over the past couple of years on our construction sites and they have all been great! I would highly recommend using CT Skills!”

For more information about recruitment availability with CT Skills contact 0115 9599 544