Getting ahead of the DWPs 90 minute commute guidelines

It may not be news to many of you that the DWP adopted a guideline back in 2012 that has meant for the last 6 years JCP claimants have been regulated to seek employment within a 90 minute ‘commutable’ radius of their home. 

For Job Seekers based in Nottingham this has meant you are required to apply and consider jobs as far North as Harrogate and as far South as Northampton. An unrealistic distance for those even in the most senior of positions.

Statistics found by public transport app Moovit, showed that the average cost of a 90 minute commute is £160/month. This is over 50% of the basic allowance given to a single claimant over the age of 25. 

With The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 2012 No. 1135 firmly in place as Universal Credit is rolled out across the East Midlands, many of you are wondering how to tackle this expectation.

A simple solution is to consider finding employment via a local Training Provider.

Relentlessly applying for over subscribed, local jobs has quickly become frustrating and has forced you to look further afield with a commuting distance that will undoubtedly affect your home life.

Sound familiar? With a local Training Provider you can position yourself in front of local employers via a guaranteed job interview in an industry of your choice.

These opportunities are know as Sector Based Work Academies which are fully-funded programmes allowing the unemployed or low-income earners to develop industry relevant skills before attending a guaranteed job interview with a local employer.

So far in 2018 CT Skills have held 100 SBWA programmes across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Mansfield and offered guaranteed job interviews for over 500 local vacancies. 

If you would like to know more about the live employment opportunities in your local area this month, visit