Apprenticeship Journey: Beth’s Blog

Week Four

Apprentice: Beth Wood (20)
Job Role: Apprentice Recruitment Administrator with CT Skills

This week I attended Nottingham Jobs Fair at the Motorpoint arena…September is definitely jobs fair crazy! There is such a high demand during this period due to the new school year starting and school/college leavers trying to find the right path for them. This also means there are so many apprenticeships available everyday! I must say it is nice having a new challenge every week or so, trying something new and learning new aspects of the job every day.  It makes each week different, which can stop the repetitiveness of a full time job, especially as an apprentice because it’s such a learning period and everyone wants to help and teach you something new, show you every part of the business and it’s just great! I really do feel like I’m fitting in well here, like the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle!


“I really do feel like I’m fitting in well here, its like I am the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle.”

Being out the office every other week or so is a nice little change every now and then, it allows me to get really stuck in when I’m back at the office. I can really focus on my job and apprenticeship work when I’m back at my desk. I was able to hand in my first assignment the other week, I was actually very excited about it too, as sad as that may sound. Even happier when it passed and my tutor was very impressed by the work I had produced! Such a fulfilling feeling when you get so much positive feedback from your tutor and colleagues. Just the confident boost that you need to know that you’re moving in the right direction.

Whilst learning and training within my new job role and even writing my blog it’s a great way to complete my OTJ: Off the Job Training. Now to you that might not make much sense, I know it wouldn’t have for me until I started! Every apprenticeship requires 20% OTJ, which is any form of learning, training or just completing and taking part in stuff that wouldn’t be classed as your every day duties. Believe it or not it’s actually a lot easier to complete than most people think. I mean your first 2 – 3 months into an apprenticeship requires a lot of training, especially if it’s a complete new career change for you. Well ,most of that would be learning your new job roles, so completing group or individual training sessions, having a lot of 1 to 1 sessions with colleagues that show and help you though your roles and responsibilities. All of this can be classed as your Off the Job Training. So before you know it, you’re already ahead of the scheduled amount you should have completed.

My journey as an apprentice has been a brilliant so far, such a great experience and even more so with such a great team to work with! The past two months have been such a change for me and definitely for the better, having a full salary coming in each month certainly helps. Able to save money each month, pay off my bills and have a decent amount left waiting for me is such a nice feeling. When in a full time career there is a lot more freedom than you’d think, yeah there’s more working hours but there is also a lot more pay! I mean I’m now able to save up and start driving lessons, finally!! I can save up to go for weekends away or book a holiday abroad, its great!

Well it’s that time again where I round this off and let you get back to your day, thanks for coming back and reading my blog again! Next week will be my last one for a while, but there is more to come every few months, so it’s not bye bye just yet! Don’t forget CT Skills are only a phone call away to help you get on the right path for you! Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you soon!

Thank you for continuing to read my blog. 

See you soon