My journey to being an apprentice: Beth’s Blog

My journey to becoming an apprentice

Week Two

Apprentice: Beth Wood (19)
Job Role: Recruitment Administrator with CT Skills
Qualification: Business Administration Level 3


Monday 2nd July

I was working as a bar maid in a local pub in Nottingham, when I knew I wanted a change and began searching for positions in my local area. I came across a variety of apprenticeships online and immediately explored my options further.
This is when I came across CT Skills and knew it was a company I was intrigued to know more about, so I visited their apprenticeship vacancies online and applied for a Business Administration role within their Recruitment Team.

Friday 6th July

Today was the day I received a phone call from CT Skills Recruitment Consultant, Ross, he briefly explained the role and told me to have a think about this exciting opportunity. Once I had looked into it, I knew I was interested.
On the Monday morning I rang and spoke with Aaron, who is the Recruitment Consultant for Nottinghamshire. We discussed in further detail the opportunity that was being offered, it wasn’t much longer until we had an interview day in place for the following Wednesday.

Wednesday 11th July

The interview approached quickly and I was very nervous. I think the most nervous I’d ever been for an interview before, that all settled the minute I met my soon to be manager Kam, although I didn’t know it yet, I knew she would be an exceptional manager. Very comforting but yet a steady sense of fun bounced around her, it made the interview process quite relaxing actually. We ended the interview with smiles on our faces and said our farewells for now, even though none of us knew it at the time, but it wouldn’t be for long.
It couldn’t have been more than 3 hours until my phone rang; it was the phone call I was waiting for. It was Aaron, my now soon to be colleague. I got the Job! I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t wait a moment longer to tell anyone. I leaped down the stairs, greeting my Mum in the hallway with a glowing smile on my face and she just knew. We then began exchanging smiles to one another all whilst the phone call with Aaron was still ongoing.

Monday 23rd July

The day has arrived, my first day is here. I am officially an employee at CT Skills. Now the email I received had stated that I should arrive at 9:30am for my induction. Currently, I don’t drive so my main worry was timing my bus right, now I’m not the best at this and always arrive embarrassingly early. I embark my bus at 8:20am, as I approached my stop I knew I had messed up. I stepped off the bus at 8:40… Yep, 50 minutes earlier than I hoped for!  Currently facing my new dilemma, do I arrive at work 50 minutes early or do I awkwardly sit at the bus stop for 40 minutes… Can you take a guess what I went with? Well, 40 long minutes later and I finally arrive at the door awaiting my new career to start…
On my first week, I was introduced to my role and responsibilities and they became much clearer and knowing this I became filled with delight within myself for this fantastic opportunity.
I was introduced to my E-Learning tasks which were based on topics such as British Values, Prevent, Safeguarding and Work Based Safety. I was also made aware about the modules I’ll complete during my apprenticeship. I was delighted to find out that although you have set modules to complete you can essentially pick and chose some of the topics you wish to explore further. This allows the apprenticeship to fit around the apprentice and suit their needs specifically.
Well that’s it for today guys, one step further into my journey. I aimed this entry at telling you a little bit about the process of applying to be an apprentice. It is not as a scary as you might imagine!  Some may think you are secluded from everyone, you may think you’re now the designated tea maker or that everyone just treats you like the new kid in the office.

Well I can tell you now, that is not the case! You are treated as an equal!

Thanks for coming back and enjoying this journey with me.
See you soon