CT Skills Nottingham support learners with food supplies


CT Skills Nottingham are pleased to support learners by offering breakfast and lunch supplies to those who may not have access at home. 

Recent studies found that more than 8 million people in Britain often forget to eat breakfast or lunch, with over half regularly going a whole day without eating a single meal.  It is proven that those who eat regular meals perform better in a classroom environment as it sharpens attention; increases alertness and boosts a person’s mood.

CT Skills implemented the service after tutors had noticed that several learners were attending courses without eating food all day and would often find that they began to suffer with a lack of concentration towards the end of the day.

The centre now provides a mixture of foods including cereals, soup, tinned fruit, rice, pot noodles, cous cous, biscuits, tinned veg and rice pudding.

Julie Jeffery, CT Skills Nottingham manager commented;

Here at CT Skills Nottingham, we noticed that some of our learners often attend our courses without having a sufficient meal and this can sometimes show through their engagement in the classroom. Here at our centre, we can provide breakfast and lunch to learners who may not have access to a meal at home.

We recently delivered a 9 day course to a learner who was not able to support himself financially. We provided the learner with their only meals, each day, here at the centre. The learner went onto complete the Construction course and successfully pass their CSCS test, which qualified them to work in the industry.”

There are currently 40,000 unemployed people in the East Midlands and CT Skills are pleased to support these individuals back in to work through our Sector Based Work Academy scheme.  

If you would like to know further information, please get in touch with our dedicated team on  0115 9599 544.