Apprenticeship Journey: Beth’s Blog

Week One

Apprentice: Beth Wood (19)
Job Role: Recruitment Administrator with CT Skills
Qualification: Business Administration Level 3

Well I’m a little late off the band wagon to tell you my story from the very start. However, I’m close enough to start now… 6 weeks in and I love it more than any other job I’ve had so far! Each day has been different, each day has been another learning opportunity and each day has been fun. Fun? At work? Well you’d be surprised by how much fun I have working with a great little team; I am the new Recruitment Administrator within a little Recruitment Team consisting of 3 guys with very big personalities. They’re a great bunch and there is never a dull moment.

“Apprenticeships offer, a chance in a new work force, experience you may never have had before and also a chance to gain a great qualification that provides you with solid footing into many doorways!

Everyone in the office is lovely and there are so many sections that I never would of even thought about before when essentially running or being part of a growing business. I must say at the start, it was a little surreal being in an office, having my own desk, my own work phone and even my own work mug on my desk for my hourly coffees. It’s something I haven’t experienced before since working in hospitality for just shy of 3 years. But this is what apprenticeships offer, a chance in a new work force, experience you may never have had before and also a chance to gain a great qualification that provides you with a solid foot into many doorways!

My plan was never to go into an apprenticeship, I had my heart set on university, you know the lifestyle, the friendships, experience and of course the qualifications I would have achieved when I graduated. But who would have known that you can gain the same and if not a lot more from completing an apprenticeship.

I bet most people around my age have all experienced the feeling of being let down from a lack of work experience, am I right? Well I know I certainly have, due to not having the 2+ years of experience I needed for a job I hoped for at the age of 18! You spend most of your school life working hard, studying and maybe even paying for private tutors in order for you to get the best possible grades you can. Hoping this will lead to getting into the college of your choice, studying for 2-3 years, 3-5 days a week and leaving to attend university for a possible further 3+ years, depending on your aspirations for your dream job. All leaving you with no money, no time and more importantly no important real life skills or experience in the work force!

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of university isn’t a wrong choice but it might not be the best choice for you and your career, ever thought about it like that? Not many careers nowadays require such high academic results and qualifications. It’s okay to not be a genius in the classroom! It’s perfectly fine if you work better in the field and are more hands on! Apprenticeships offer so many great things and are well known in so many careers and companies. They have never been more significant!

Well that’s it for today guys, a small insight into what is expected to come every Friday! Feel free to come back next week and continue reading my journey as an apprentice and hopefully have some cheeky laughs and giggles on the way! Don’t forget CT Skills are here to help you and your future and now I can proudly say, so am I! If you have any queries about what we offer or apprenticeships in general you’re more than welcome to give my team and I a call on 0115 951 7261.

Thank you for starting my journey with me, hopefully you’ll be back next week!

See you soon