How to survive A Level results day…


Students across the country will today receive their A-Level results and most will have an idea of what they would like to do after opening the envelope. Whether the next step is university, moving on to work or considering an apprenticeship, CT Skills have come up with the best ways to cope, so that you survive A Level results day and choose the right path for you…


Five ways to survive A-Level results day!


1) Make a plan

You may find that some of your friends have had their career path mapped out since you first met. You may also find that some of your other friends have the approach of ‘whatever will be will be’, but you on the other hand feel like you’re in the middle?  If you get your results and still feel unsure about your future then don’t be hasty with it… sit down and make a plan about what options are available to you.

CT Skills offer advice and guidance every Friday at their Nottingham and Derby centres; here you can speak to someone about your choices and what opportunities are available to you.


2) Keep calm

No matter what your results are, remember to keep calm and know that there is no such thing as failure! It can be natural to worry, and with a mixture of emotions swirling around your head about what will happen if things don’t go to plan, it can be difficult to keep calm.

The best way to stop your worries is to take a deep breath and tell yourself that worrying will achieve nothing; you have tried your hardest and sat the exams to the best of your ability. No matter what your results are, there will always be a future ahead of you!


3) Don’t compare  yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others and their achievements is one of the easiest ways to feel bad about yourself. After opening your results, you might think your friends have done better than you or achieved the grades that you didn’t. The negative comparison will just cause unhappiness and can lead you to making poor decisions.

Focus on yourself and your achievements and everything else will fall into place.


4) University isn’t the only option

You may have always thought that once you have finished your A-Levels,  university will inevitably be the next step, but now you have received your results you don’t know if it the right choice for you.  A recent survey carried out by AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) found that employers now favour relevant apprenticeships or experience over university degrees. With apprenticeships available in a variety of sectors, you could be working in your dream role sooner than you could’ve imagined!


5) Celebrate

No matter what your results were, don’t forget about how hard you worked to get to where you are now! Fill your fridge up, spend time with your friends and family and don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.


If would like to discuss your options then get in touch with our dedicated career experts on 0115 9599 544 or visit our Nottingham Centre at 10am or Derby Centre at 11am for 16-24 advice and guidance.