Apprenticeships for business: One day learning, four days earning

UK Universities? Applications down by 11,000 compared to 2017.

So where do you uncover the skills you need to deliver your business plan?

“The answer is complicated. The cost of University is now proving prohibitive to many young people who are increasingly choosing to start their working lives earlier, without the burden of £50,000+ of debt.

The prestige of University has also been devalued by nearly 70,000 students receiving unconditional offers this year, meaning they don’t have to secure any grades in order to access their course. The number of graduates securing First-class honours has also soared by 44% in five years as Universities attempt to keep their paying customers happy.

The degree is simply no longer the hallmark of a talented, trained worker looking to apply their skills.

Young people are voting with their feet, their wallets and their common sense.

They’re deviating from the debt-ridden default of going from A-Levels to Uni to Work. They’re choosing work first. They’re choosing to learn applied skills in the real world as opposed to theoretical skills in a 500 seater auditorium.

Apprenticeships are the fastest way for you to shape your workforce of the future.

Malleable, flexible workers who won’t come with bad habits, obsolete knowledge or preconceived ideas about what you want.

Young people keen to learn to do it your way. One day learning, four days earning.

By offering an Apprenticeship to a young person you are giving somebody their first chance. That buys loyalty.

By taking an Apprenticeship, a young person gets to begin their career without worry and debt. That buys happiness, houses, cars and commitment.

Don’t worry about Brexit or the constant changes to British education policy. Take control of your skills shortages by contacting us about hiring an Apprentice today.”