Learning at Work Week 2018

The benefits of training in the workplace




Learning at Work Week 2018 has officially begun and CT Skills are keen for local businesses and their employees to look at the benefits of learning and development within their workplace. 

Businesses often see learning at work as a large commitment, as they may already be dealing with a high workload and with that comes little time to complete any additional work or training. As well as this, individuals who are already established in their careers may be hesitant about embarking on a new qualification, as they feel they have already built themselves in their chosen industry. However, this isn’t always the case as investing time in to training will always have long term benefits to any business and its employees. 

Recent studies show that companies who provide training to their employees have a 218% higher income than companies without any formal training. The same companies also enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less time on training and developing their staff. 

CT Skills work with a range of businesses in a mixture of sectors across the East Midlands which focus’ on up-skilling their staff through their apprenticeship offering. This ranges from Intermediate to Higher Apprenticeships, all the way up to degree level. 

Apprenticeships on offer:


Business Administration 

Health & Social Care 


Customer Service 

Education & Training 


Logistics and Driving 


Physical Education in School Sport 

By studying for an apprenticeship you will be given a designated tutor who will guide you at your own pace, level and structure, continue to earn a salary whilst building your skills, recieve a recognised apprenticeship qualification and be able to reach your new capacity and performance in the workplace. 

CT Skills are eager for local businesses to make full use of learning at work week by considering the options available to their business and staff. 

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