There’s No Place Like Home: NEW Housing Apprenticeships Launched


CT Skills has successfully launched apprenticeships in Housing & Property Management.

With more than 150,000 people employed within the Social Housing sector across the UK, CT Skills will work alongside businesses in the sector to provide bespoke work-based training, available to employees of all levels from Assistants to Senior Management.
Due to a major government review of Apprenticeships, the new Apprenticeship standards in Housing & Property Management have been developed by groups of employers known as ‘Trailblazers’. The new standards set out what an Apprenticeship should look like for a specific job role and the knowledge, skills and behaviours an apprentice will need to show to successfully complete an Apprenticeship in the sector.
Previously, apprentices within the Social Housing sector would undertake a general qualification with a variety of modules suited to a mix of industries. The new standards give employers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate training method for their staff to demonstrate the key skills they have learnt; ensuring that learning is relevant for the specific job role and the business needs.
New Standard Job Roles:
Housing/Property Management Assistant
Housing/Property Management Officer
Senior Housing/Property Officer
Each level will cover a variety of modules including; legislation and regulation in the property and management sector, business planning in social housing, customer service and decision making.


Business Development Manager Cath Albans said; “The new apprenticeship is great for housing organisations as it means they can use their new levy funding to bring through the best talent or even up-skill their current staff in specific areas of the business. CT Skills are excited to be part of this process and are keen to provide relevant, industry specific skills and knowledge through our unique training.”

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