Redundancy: Consider your options

With unemployment currently standing at 1.44 million in the UK and over 6% of those are in the East Midlands, many people will often rush in to the first job they can get without thinking about what their choices are. However, if you have recently been made redundant you now have more opportunities than before to retrain and enhance your current skills. 

Being made redundant may not seem like the easiest or the most practical at the time, but if you have a redundancy package from your employer then this could give you the freedom to explore your future options and to think about a career change which you may have not considered previously. 

The shock of the redundancy can shake your confidence and even fill you with self-doubt, which could affect your future interviews and job choices.  If you are feeling like this then it is worth speaking to a Career Specialist who could put your mind at ease and advise you further. 

If you are considering a new career, CT Skills offer a variety of courses which can unlock your new potential and provide you with the right skills as well as helping you to find a new job that you love. 


What’s on offer?


Many people think apprenticeships are only for 16-24 year olds, but this is not the case.   Apprenticeships are a mix of on the job and classroom learning, so this will enable you to earn whilst you learn. With 80% of apprenticeship employers choosing to keep their apprentice on as a full time employee, an apprenticeship really is a great path to take. 


If you are considering a completely new career then a traineeship is a great choice, as it is a training programme that embeds work experience – the programme is designed to prepare you for your future career in a specific industry. Many of the learners who have undertaken a traineeship with CT Skills have either progressed into full time employment or further training. 

Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA):

If you have recently been made redundant, you may now be receiving benefits  to support you during your period of unemployment. The SBWA is a government initiative aimed to get people who are currently receiving benefits, back in to employment. All learners entitled to the SBWA will complete a short 2-4 week industry relevant training course before attending a guaranteed job interview with a potential employer. 

Skills Training:

If you have lost your confidence after being made redundant, then a skills training course could be suitable for you. The courses last between 2-6 weeks and are ideal for anyone looking to improve their career prospects. CT Skills specifically offer an Advanced Employability Skills course which is designed to support an individual successfully gaining a job or progressing into a new field of their choice. 

CT Skills Recruitment Team Leader, Ross Braker said; “I receive a lot of phone calls from people worried about what their future may hold after facing redundancy. I would highly recommend getting in touch with either myself or the rest of the team to see how we can help you, we have plenty of opportunities in a variety of sectors and we can certainly assist with anyone considering the career change they had always dreamed of.”

If you have recently been made redundant or considering a career change – Find out how CT Skills can help you HERE