Apprenticeships: The New Key To Care?

Featuring interview with Creative Care 

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Topic: Business recruitment and training
Featured Employer: Creative Care- Residential Care Home 
Service: Level 2- Level 5 Health & Social Care Apprenticeships 


Apprenticeships are increasingly being recognised as an effective entry point to working within Health and Social Care. The apprenticeship experience of one company in Nottingham demonstrates the benefits of a successful partnership between a training provider, an employer and their apprentice.  

Creative Care are a high-quality East Midlands-based residential care service, supporting people with severe and complex needs. With eight residential homes across the East Midlands, it is increasingly important for Lisa Dickinson (HR Manager) to ensure that all premises are not only adequately staffed, but that Creative Care’s employees have the skills they need to give their residents outstanding care and support.

“We recognise that the quality of our service is directly linked to the quality and professionalism of our staff. They are the foundations of our organisation, and we are committed to providing our employees with the training they need to drive business growth.”

Although apprenticeships offer an invaluable entry point into Health and Social care settings, without clear lines of communication between employers and training providers, many placements often run the risk of becoming wasted opportunities.

Several factors have led to a successful partnership developing between Creative Care and their training provider CT Skills in delivering quality apprenticeships: a clear understanding of the role and expectations of the apprentice, regular communication between all parties, a committed team approach, and a high quality training experience.

Lisa Dickinson from Creative Care, understands from personal experience the advantage of a strong working relationship between all parties:

“We are working extremely closely with our chosen training provider to meet our recruitment and training demands. CT skills understand what our company stands for and for this reason they have been able to provide us with around 50 members of staff who all share our business vision and culture.

The level of commitment we have seen from CT skills has given direction to our new and existing team members, challenging employees of all levels. We are currently delivering training across the entire business from our Support Workers right through to Managers who are receiving degree equivalent qualifications.”

Alex Ford, CEO of family-owned training provider CT Skills added:

“We are seeing increasing numbers of local businesses engaging with apprenticeships to develop sustainable, skilled work forces. The learning content is designed with business managers and is tailored to meet the needs of each apprentice. There is a chronic staff shortage in health and social care, which is astonishing when there are fabulous companies like Creative Care offering rewarding and fulfilling careers.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with their passionate team and support them with their recruitment and training.”