The flyer that changed my career: Madison (20)

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Learner: Madison Causer (20)
Employer: Saks Hair & Beauty Salon, Derby 
Qualification: Hairdressing and Barbering Level 2

Back in October 2017 Madison Causer came across a promotional flyer that potentially changed her career path for life.   

We spoke to Madison about her journey from college to full-time employment as an apprentice for a National brand. She told us what it’s been like to join the Saks Hair & Beauty ‘family’ and how she found the move from classroom education to work-based training.  

It was last year that the award winning salon, Saks Hair & Beauty saw a regional advert in the Nottingham Post promoting apprenticeships as a recruitment solution. Within a matter of weeks CT Skills had partnered with the Salon and promoted the incredible opportunity for an aspiring hairdresser to learn under the guidance of a national brand.  

Q&A interview with Hairdressing Apprentice, Madison. 


“It was important to me to learn from a company with a great reputation so I could receive the best training possible.”

What made you decide to train in hairdressing?
I’ve always been interested in hairdressing but hadn’t considered it as a career until more recently. I realised I have always enjoyed experimenting with hair and made the decision to look into hairdressing as a career. It’s everything I had hoped for but it’s also a huge learning curve!
Why did you make the decision to become an apprentice?
I wanted my own independence. I liked the fact I could earn money whilst I learn and an apprenticeship with CT Skills meant I wasn’t in the classroom- I am here [Saks Hair & Beauty] 100% of the time.
When you saw the flyer promoting this opportunity with Saks, what was it that made you pick up the phone?  
For me it was timing. Like I said I was already considering my career path and I’d heard a lot of good things about Saks. It was important to me to learn from a company with a great reputation so I could receive the best training possible.
Obviously the selection day was two months ago [October 2017]. Could you tell me, Madison,  what your thoughts were going to the selection day and going to interview? 
The Selection Day at CT Skills was really good and very professional! I found the whole thing really informative with a lot of information on the employer, which only confirmed in my mind that I would love to work for Saks. I feel like it was a thorough process from Selection Day to interview but in a good way, they (CT Skills) took the time to make sure that the right candidates were shortlisted with lots of options for anyone who wasn’t successful.
So, you are a short-while into your apprenticeship now. Are you enjoying it? 
Yes I love it! It’s really great working here. The staff and customers are really friendly and made sure I felt welcomed straight away. I start my actual Level 2 Qualification in January which I am really excited about now that I have had some time to settle in at the Derby Salon.
Can you tell me about some of the things you’ve been doing so far while waiting to start your apprenticeship qualification. I’m assuming you haven’t done a full cut yet?
No of course not [laughs]. I’ve obviously been doing a lot of observing and shadowing to learn from the professionals but mainly I’ve been learning about the technical side of cut preparation, like how to shampoo hair (which sounds easy but there’s actually a lot to it!). I have also had the opportunity to practice blow-dry techniques amongst staff and things like that but there is lots to learn before we work on clients!
What would you like to do after you finish your level 2 apprenticeship qualification?
After I complete level 2, I’d love the opportunity to stay on at Saks and become a qualified hairdresser. Maybe even guide some apprentices who are also starting out!
Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to work in hairdressing?
I think you should just be very confident in yourself and don’t let anything slow you down. And drop in to CT Skills!


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