NFT Distribution take on first trainee through CT Skills – and they’re delighted with the outcome

Aleksandar Genov came to CT Skills in October looking for guidance at our ESF funded Information, Advice and Guidance Friday session after becoming frustrated being stuck in a classroom environment at college.
Although only 17 years of age, when you meet Alex he comes across as mature, motivated, assured and knowledgeable – a combination of attributes well beyond his years.
“I wanted to be out there learning on the job. I didn’t like learning just from the text books,” he said.
His ambition is clear and simple: he wants to forge a successful career his own way. 
Time and time again he’d been held back when applying for work experience or jobs at companies. The common response was that he lacked experience.
However, soon after he came to CT Skills looking for help to get that experience, our traineeship team secured him a four-week placement with NFT Distribution, the UK’s leading provider of time critical distribution, based near Alfreton.
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On their initial meeting Alex impressed the NFT team so much that they took him on as their first trainee.


Sue Bancroft, Head of Policy and Employee Relations at NFT, said: “We were keen to explore how we could support young people within our local area and through talking to CT Skills we found out that we could offer this kind of training and experience to young people.”


Having made an excellent first impression, Alex continued the good work once he’d started working in their HR department.


Alex was “shocked” when he was offered the job.


Alex adapted so quickly to his first work experience placement that after two weeks, he was offered a fixed-term role by NFT. Want to know how? 
He said: “NFT and the people there have been amazing to me.  It’s definitely proven the right decision to leave college early.”
When Alex leaves his temporary job with NFT, he’s confident the experience and the glowing reference will make it much easier for him to find his next job, or apprenticeship, in HR.


Sue agrees: “Starting the traineeship programme with CT Skills was about us giving something back to people like Alex who needed support and a helping hand. We were clear that this was giving something back to the local community”.
“In reality, what’s happened is we’ve done that, but Alex has brought so much to the team as well.”


NFT’s experience of taking on their first trainee has been very positive indeed and they are looking forward to working with CT Skills going forward.
“The experience has been really positive with CT Skills so far and we are looking forward to evolving the traineeship programme at our Head Office in the future” said Sue.
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