Learner case study: Aidan Eaglesfield

Friday, December 1 2017

Aidan has come a long way since joining us.

Aidan Eaglesfield (18) has been described by our team in Derby as “a little superstar”.

Why? Because he has an amazing success story to tell from when he first joined us to where he is now. 

Aidan started on a Traineeship with us in June 2017 – he was very shy to begin with and struggled in a tough group of very big and strong personalities and characters.

Determined and ambitious, Aidan wanted some focus so he could improve his quality of life and gain some qualifications. He was interested in work in the retail sector.

Before he joined us for our programme, Aidan had lost his way after finding himself in difficult and testing personal circumstances. 

During his time with us, Aidan also became homeless. We arranged support through Riverside housing association and also helped set him up to claim income support benefit so he had some money in order to survive.

All through these difficult times, we were amazed with Aidan’s commitment and motivation to continue with and complete the course.

By working with Aidan and tailoring his learning around his circumstances, he completed his functional skills exams and passed his reading exam with a 100 per cent pass rate – an amazing achievement!

Since completing the course and gaining key experience, skills and qualifications, we’re so excited to say that Aidan has started working at the recently-opened Five Guys restaurant in Derby.

He is “super excited” to be working full-time and earning £8/hour. 

Aidan wanted to say: “Thank you all so much at CT Skills. You have been brilliant and without you all in the Derby centre, I wouldn’t have had the confidence and the skills to be working full-time in a sector I love.”

Our Derby centre manager, Kerina Rujudawa said: “Aidan came in shy and timid, as well as having to deal with some very difficult personal circumstances.

“His journey has been amazing and it shows the potential that was always lying within this young man.

“Well done Aidan – we are really proud of you!”

We will continue to support Aidan going forwards and we are looking forward to seeing him flourish and be successful like we know he can.