A former learner came back to visit us … it turns out she was interviewing our candidates for jobs

Thursday, December 14 2017

When a former learner came back to our Nottingham centre on Wednesday, we thought it was a social call – a quick catch-up to let us know how she was getting on.

However, that was certainly not the case.

In fact this learner, who had only completed a Health and Social Care Sector Base Work Academy with us in August this year, was back interviewing candidates from CT Skills for job vacancies with Lloyds Care in Nottingham.

Jacqueline Richardson (54) had completed the same programme as the candidates she was interviewing just three months ago. 

Once a learner completes the course, they are guaranteed an interview with a named employer who has live job vacancies in their area of interest. 

When Jacqueline went for her interview in August, Lloyds were so impressed with her that they immediately offered her a more senior position. 

Now a care coordinator, Jacqueline returned to us recruiting for her team. 

Jacqueline (left) with her former CT Skills tutor Lesley Wilds (right)

It demonstrates an extraordinarily quick progression for Jacqueline having struggled to find work for a long time. 

She said: “When I was first offered the job after completing my course I was shocked – in a happy way.

“I loved CT Skills because I really enjoyed learning and I’ve always wanted to work in care.

“It’s strange to be back here interviewing candidates this time – a little daunting too. But it’s amazing to be able to give back to people what was given to me [by offering them jobs].”

Jacqueline’s return meant she had time to meet her former tutor – a surprised Lesley Wilds.

Lesley said: “Jacqueline developed so much during the three weeks she was with us for. 

“When I saw Jacqueline today I wasn’t quite sure why she was here but then it clicked [that she was here to interview candidates].

“She’s come full circle now: from being unemployed and down in the dumps, to interviewing candidates from a course she did just three months ago.

“I still haven’t quite got my head around it but she’s an amazing woman and I’m really proud of her.”

We’re so pleased to hear of Jacqueline’s rapid progression up the career ladder and we hope her success long continues. 


By Jarrad Johnson, PR & Communications Executive