We’re in good company: Our employees tell us why they love CT Skills

Wednesday, November 8 2017

We think CT Skills is great. So do the employers we work with: 84 per cent of them in fact!

In a recent employee survey, 89 per cent of our staff are proud to work for CT Skills. 

So when we asked them why they love working for us, this is what they said:


“Working here gives me the best reason I have ever had for getting up in the morning.” – Andrew Roles

“We care for our learners and go the extra mile to ensure they reach their full potential.” – Caroline Wood-Stevens

“Everyone believes in the company values. Everyone cares about each other, the learners and the company.” – Gemma Tovey

“I work as part of a fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, diverse and skilled team. We share lots of fun and laughter on a daily basis whilst getting the chance help our learners better themselves in many ways.” – Simon Wright

“I can make a difference and change lives.” – Cath Albans

“We provide a high quality service to our learners & employers.” – Kam Penglin

“Because of the great friendly people I work with and my work is fulfilling.” – Esther Nduta

“It is a quality-driven organisation with a friendly working environment.” – Graham Travis

“We enable and support our communities to achieve their potential.” – Julie O’Donnell

“There is a great sense of teamwork.” – Deanne Swarbrook

“I have the best team ever and I feel that my skills and creativity are valued.” – Marina Calvo


By Jarrad Johnson, PR & Communications Executive