‘So, I’ve just received my exam results. What’s next?’

Friday, August 11 2017

So, you’ve picked up your results and you’re wondering what you’re going to do next with your life. 

All you’ve known for the last ten years is being at school and now it’s up to you to decide your next move.

You know your grades. But do you know what options you have available?

Let us help with that …

OPTION 1: A Levels

If you’ve just finished your GCSEs and want to go to university, or continue academic studies, then A Levels are for you.

A Levels last for two years and you complete them either at college or your school’s Sixth Form. You’ll get to choose from a variety of subjects and study three/four of them.

OPTION 2: Vocational Courses

If you’re more practically minded and you want to stay in a college environment, then vocational training at a further education college may be just the thing.

Many level 3 courses are equivalent to 2-3 A levels, while you’ll also be gaining in-depth vocational training.

OPTION 3: University

This is an option for after you’ve completed your A Levels or vocational courses.

Each year, over half a million people head off to university to study for an undergraduate degree.

It normally takes 3-4 years to complete and costs at least £9000 per year in tuition fees – which you can obtain loans for.

While many specialist jobs and careers do require a degree, businesses are now starting to suggest they prefer apprentices over university graduates.

OPTION 4: Apprenticeships

Intermediate apprenticeships typically last for around a year and mean that you study while working for a real business.

At the end of the year you’ll get a qualification which is equivalent to A Levels or even a degree (Level 5) and you’ll have a year’s worth of work experience too.

Many apprentices stay with their employer after they’ve finished and, as a result, are fast-tracked through promotions.

The minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.50 per hour although many get paid much more. There are even studies which claim apprentices earn much more (270 per cent!!!) than graduates over the lifetime of their careers.

CT Skills offer loads of apprenticeships with fantastic employers so if you’re interested in this contact us on our careers hotline: 0115 951 7261 or email:

OPTION 5: Further training with CT Skills

The graphic below tells you all you need to know …

Don’t be confused by all this. If you need careers advice after you receive your exam results, GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

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