This is what you can expect on Results Day …

Thursday, August 10 2017

Having had a few weeks off school or college over the summer, it probably means you’ve had lots of fun and lots of lie-ins. Right?

However, the one day when that’s an exception is results day – and it’s just around the corner!

It’s that day of the holidays where you just have to be up early and suffer through all the nervous anticipation and general confusion.

And the best way to deal with it is to be well prepared in advance. 

You need to know what to expect and how the whole thing works. Then, you’ll be sorted!

So let’s explain …

A Level/AS Level results day: Thursday, August 17

GCSE results day: Thursday, August 24 

If you’ve applied for a course via UCAS, the first thing to do when you wake up is to log in and check Track. 

This is updated from around 8am to let you know if you’ve secured a place on your chosen course at university/college. Read any offers and messages you get from them thoroughly and carefully as you may be required to take further action in order to confirm your place. 

Don’t panic if your Track has not updated. 

Track will NOT tell you your grades so you still need to go to your school/college to find out your exam results.

Some exam bodies do put your results online. If this is the case for you, you will have already been made aware and given your log-in details.  

Before you go out anywhere, have breakfast! Later in the day you won’t regret it. If you don’t have chance to eat at home then at least pick up some food on the way to get your results. 

Go to your school/college at the stated time (usually around 10am – although this varies) to pick up your results.

If you can, take with you: a mobile phone, a pen and paper, emails and contact details for any courses you’re interested in/have applied for, and also someone who can provide support to you i.e. parents.

A few of your teachers will be there for most of the morning to, firstly, welcome you and then to answer any questions you have and guide you on what you can do next.

You’ll be given a brown or white envelope with your exam results inside. When you open them, there will be a list of subjects with lots of different letters and numbers in different columns. 

Read these carefully, making sure you’re looking at the right letters to see your final grades. 

Once you know your results, then you will have a much better idea of your options and what to do next …

Good luck!

By Jarrad Johnson, PR & Communications Executive