Learner case study: Julie Davis

Julie Davis is 56 years old and from Nottingham.

She was introduced to CT Skills in October 2016 through the Job Centre and has since progressed through a number of courses.

Julie has excelled with us, gaining qualifications in both customer service and IT through our Skills Training courses. 

She said: “The customer service course was helpful and CT Skills offered me advice with interview technique, office etiquette and team work.

“All the staff are helpful and encourage me to improve my skills.”

Julie gave a particularly glowing reference about one of our employment support officers, Stacey Reynolds.

Stacey works in Job Centres and helps people like Julie improve their skills and find employment. 

“Stacey was very informative and explained how I could improve my skills so I could get a job,” Julie said. 

“She’s been very helpful and understanding towards my needs and I’d definitely recommend Stacey and all the team at CT Skills.” 

Julie’s now looking to gain more skills to put on her CV by studying with us on our maths Skills Training course. 

We wish Julie the very best in making it a trio of qualifications with CT Skills.


By Jarrad Johnson, PR & Communications Executive