Duo sleep rough to raise money for the homeless

Monday, June 19 2017

Catherine Brogdale (left) is a business development manager and Louise Cowe (right) is an assessor at CT Skills.

Two of our members of staff gave up all their home comforts for one night as they slept on the streets to raise money for a homeless charity.

Catherine Brogdale (36) and Louise Cowe (43) took part in the YMCA‘s Sleep Easy 2017 challenge on March 31 where they had to sleep on the streets for almost 12 hours.

CT Skills was one of over 100 organisations and individuals who took part and raised a total of £36,631 for the charity. 

For both Catherine and Louise it was the first time doing the ‘Sleep Easy’ challenge and they raised £450.

Catherine said: “My family thought I was a bit crazy because I’m a bit of a pampered princess. I’m a five star hotel kind of girl.”

However, Catherine and Louise soon found out how difficult the task would be – sleeping on concrete in the cold stopped them from sleeping.

“It really hit me when I went home the next day,” Catherine said.

“If you think you’re having a bad moment, you know you’ve got family and friends to support you, you’ve got a home to go back to. Homeless people have none of that.”

CT Skills has since received a hand-written thank you card from YMCA for the fundraising achieved by Catherine and Louise.

YMCA said the money raised by CT Skills and others will “not only give vulnerable young people in Derbyshire a safe place to call home” but also “provide opportunities for training, education, volunteering and support work”.