Rebecca goes from apprentice to manager with CT Skills

CT Skills has worked with childcare provider Sherwood Childcare for over two years. Owner Andrea Myers operates before and after school care across two sites in Edwinstowe and Mansfield for ages 3 to 11. CT Skills began working with Andrea to help recruit her first ever apprentice. Andrea comments: [su_quote]Finding qualified childcare staff that I can rely on can be really challenging. We work across two sites as well so I need staff who are happy to be flexible and willing to work where they are needed. So when CT Skills got in touch and asked if I had considered recruiting an apprentice, I thought it might be a good way to find and train someone who could grow with the business.[/su_quote] CT Skills carried out all the screening and interviewing of potential candidates, which enabled Andrea to focus on the day to day running of her business. She continues: [su_quote]They helped me all the way through the recruitment process and when I offered the position to Rebecca Lloyd I was confident I’d got the right person. From the beginning she was conscientious and reliable. She’s never let me know and never even had a day off sick.[/su_quote] Rebecca started as a Level 2 play worker and went on to complete her Level 3 qualification through CT Skills, which saw her take on more responsibility as a lead worker. Rebecca said: [su_quote]I’ve been here around two and a half years now and I like being part of the team. There’s around eight of us now and its been nice to see other apprentices come into the business after me.[/su_quote] After recruiting Rebecca, Andrea has gone on to recruit further apprentices, with the first having just completed her training and being offered a permanent position. Andrea got back in touch with CT Skills earlier this year when her manager left unexpectedly. She explains: [su_quote]When my manager left, I knew that it would be a good opportunity to promote Rebecca into the role. There have been times over the last couple of years when I have relied and depended on Rebecca and would have struggled without her and I knew she could make a good manager. I just wanted to give her a bit more confidence and support as she moved into the role so I asked CT Skills if there was any further training they could suggest that would help develop her confidence.[/su_quote] CT Skills suggested an NVQ Level 3 Management qualification which would enable Rebecca to build her leadership and people management skills. Rebecca says: [su_quote]I’m now responsible for the register, cash handling and day to day running of one of the sites, as well as being play worker, which I still enjoy. The training is already helping me to feel more confident and I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to become a manager.[/su_quote]